Why Become A Member?

Benefits of Membership of the NFDA

The NFDA –        A National Association for those Funeral Directors who would like the security and strength associated with being a member of a national group with equal rights for all members. The NFDA promotes a forum for discussion and provides a base for both networking and co-operative interaction, with the aim of providing members with genuinely educational meetings with relaxed interaction on a social level.

Benefits of being a Funeral Director Member of the NFDA:

  • A membership fee that is universal.  One yearly membership fee – no fee per funeral.
  • Full Members have only one vote irrespective of the size of their business or how many affiliates they have.   In essence, a one vote one value system – everyone’s contribution is of equal standing.
  • Our membership consists of some of the nation’s largest, oldest and most respected funeral businesses as well as some of its smallest and youngest funeral businesses
  • The NFDA is made up of member entities who are 100% Australian owned
  • The NFDA covers its member’s for full copyright use, reproduction, copying and printing for all mediums (music-on-hold and webstreaming also available at reduced member rates).
  • A funeral director member elected each year from each state to sit on the Board of the NFDA, to attend meetings with government departments and funeral interest groups and to allow opportunities for state meetings to be held when members require.
  • Annual General Meeting held with Conference
  • Access to Funeral Industry Supplier Members – Many leading industry suppliers (all Australian-owned companies) have membership of the NFDA.


Funeral businesses that comply with our Code of Conduct and Practice, Code of Ethics and meet our Minimum Standards are eligible to apply for Full Membership.

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